College Aquatic Center


0BeginnerAverage age 3-4 years.Beginner is the precursor to our level system. It is designed for the child's first lessons away from mom and dad, with the goal of getting the child comfortable in the water.
1Level 1Average age 3-4 years.Level 1 is a basic water-introduction course for more independent children. Getting comfortable in the water is the main goal for this level, as well. Children will be taught to blow bubbles, submerge their heads and float. Most skills will be done with assistance.
2Level 2Average age 4-7 years.Level 2 is where children gain independence in the water. Fear of the water (both shallow and deep) is overcome, and the basic concepts of swimming are introduced. Assistance during skills is also slowly taken away.
3Level 3Average age 6-8 years.Level 3 marks the point at which each child begins to learn freestyle (front crawl) and the basics of the other strokes. By this level the child is fully comfortable in the water, moving freely by himself/herself in shallow or deep water. To succeed at the next level, the child should be able to swim about fifteen yards alone on both front and back, as well as display side breathing.
4Level 4Average age 8-10 years.Level 4 is where the child enhances previously learned strokes and learns the breaststroke and the butterfly. Swimmers also gain endurance at this level to meet the requirement of twenty-five yards for both freestyle and backstroke.
5Level 5Average age 10 years-up.Level 5 is where the swimmer builds endurance in all four strokes and refines technique. Requirements to succeed in competitive swimming include fifty yards of both freestyle and backstroke as well as twenty-five yards of breastroke and butterfly.
6ProgressiveProgressiveLevel determined by initial evaluation.

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